Career REinvention – Dream BIG!: Top 10 Tips for a Branded Resume – Part 1

Susan Guarneri_0634Career REinvention – Dream BIG!
By Susan Guarneri

Looking for your dream job? Ready to try something new? Helpful tips and tools to move you from one career to another.

Top 10 Tips for a Branded Resume – Part 1

What needs to change in the New Year? Perhaps it’s your resume. Is it mundane and boring or does it attract attention from hiring managers and recruiters? One of the keys to getting noticed in this job market saturated with well-qualified applicants is a Stand-out Branded Resume.

Here are the first five tips (Part 1) of a two-part series on how you can incorporate personal branding into your resume:

1. Targeted On-Brand Headline

Are the types of jobs you seek aligned with your top brand attributes, skills, and strengths? Your Stand-Out Branded Resume must clearly demonstrate that you are targeting a specific type of position that is well-suited to you. A generic resume with no target or an ambiguous one, such as ‘Management’, puts you at risk of being perceived as a commodity. Instead, include a Targeted Headline such as ‘Social Media Communications Manager – Consumer Goods’ or ‘Sales Manager – Pharmaceuticals’.

2. WIFM Tagline

What’s-in-it-for-me (WIFM) relates to what the employer wants – value! Showcase your personal brand value with a concise, compelling tagline positioned directly below your Targeted On-Brand Headline. Here’s an example:

  • (HEADLINE) Operations Director – Transportation and Logistics
  • (TAGLINE) Champion of Cost Cutting Without Sacrificing Quality

3. Branded Summary

The Summary at the beginning of your resume is much like the preview of coming attractions at the movies. In addition to an overview of your qualifications that match the requirements for the position, it must also immediately excite interest. Your personal branding points of differentiation and brand value signal that you are a top-pick applicant. Go beyond the minimum and entice the employer with your value-added extras that are like the icing on the cake!

4. Social Media Know-how

Showcase that you are social media savvy and connected to others in your profession and industry by including links to your LinkedIn Profile and Twitter account in your contact information. Of course, your profiles need to highlight your personal brand and be up-to-date and complete. Don’t send employers to a social media profile that is sparse or perfunctory. Spice it up with even more compelling information beyond what your limited one- or two-page resume can convey.

5. Up-to-date Education and Training

Employers do not hire applicants with old knowledge and training. Determine the most desirable certifications, licenses, and/or training for your targeted, on-brand career and obtain at least one of them. Then keep doing that every year. A Stand-Out Branded Resume must show you are a top-quality applicant in every respect. This overwhelming evidence of your commitment to your career field absolutely differentiates you from your competition.

The 360Reach tool enables you to discover and distill your authentic personal brand via honest feedback from people you select who know you well. That needs to be your first step in creating your Stand-Out Branded Resume for the New Year.

Susan Guarneri, Career Assessment Goddess and Reach Master Branding Strategist, can guide you to your best-fit career options and help you land your DREAM Job.


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