Career REinvention – Dream BIG!: Tips for Creating a Compelling Brand Bio

Career REinvention – Dream BIG!
By Randi Bussin
Looking for your dream job? Ready to try something new? Helpful tips and tools to move you from one career to another.

Tips for Creating a Compelling Brand Bio

Summer is a fabulous time to revisit your career marketing documents and get them ready for the Fall. If you have not dusted off your bio for a while, consider writing a branded bio (yes, it’s different!) and using all or parts of it on LinkedIn, and other social media sites. Here are some quick tips for crafting a compelling branded bio:

  • Inject your personality into your bio. Look at your 360Reach results, identify those traits that are most unique and compelling to you and incorporate them in your bio. Don’t be afraid to let the authentic you shine through.
  • Give people a feel for who you are, what drives you, what’s important to you. Create that much needed chemistry to “hook” the reader.
  • Let your softer skills come through-what makes you a great leader? It is your ability to mentor and coach employees? Is it your persuasive communications?
  • Include the whole YOU- your work, community and life. These are not three separate people but one holistic, integrated you!!!
  • Include a quote or testimonial from a client, industry expert, or subject matter expert. Get someone else to speak on your behalf and to validate your expertise.

In an effort to practice what I preach, I have hired Deb Dib, co-author of Ditch. Dare. Do! to help me with mine. We have been having fun this summer revisiting some of the basics of the Extract phase. Here is the link to my current and somewhat “dusty” brand bio.

Deb and I are working on my new brand bio this summer, and I’d be happy to share the results in an upcoming post.

Stay tuned….

Randi Bussin, a Career Reinvention strategist, guides executives and business owners towards a renewed sense of direction, an actionable career reinvention and personal branding plan.


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