Career REinvention – Dream BIG!: Road Testing Your New Career

Career REinvention – Dream BIG!
By Randi Bussin

Looking for your dream job? Ready to try something new? Helpful tips and tools to move you from one career to another.

Road Testing Your New Career

If you have already narrowed down your potential career reinvention choices, you are probably thinking what’s next? After you have earmarked a field in which you want to work, it might be helpful to get some real world experience. Here are several low-risk ways to road test a career.

  • Volunteer. Volunteering is a great way to try out a new occupation. It will provide you with an unlimited view into how this type of work or organization fits your interests, passions, and goals. And, it will provide you with insight as to whether your skills match with this type of position. At the same time, volunteering can open up new networking avenues for you, which may be useful later if you decide to pursue this field.
  • Work Part Time. A similar approach would be to keep your current job (or a reduced hour version of your current job), and then start working part-time in a new area. So much work is contracted out that you can get experience working in a prospective career through free-lance work or temp work.
  • Transfer. If you like your company but just don’t like your job (i.e. the skills you use on a daily basis), consider an internal transfer. You could first take on additional duties to demonstrate that you are capable of doing more, willing to assume more responsibilities, and ready to move up or laterally to a new position. Letting supervisors know that you would be interested in a certain type of job builds an avenue of communication that could help lead to an effective job transfer or promotion.
  • Update Your Skills and Broaden Your Knowledge. Another method of shifting career directions involves formal education and or additional professional development. If you know your future direction and can afford it, you can go back to college (full time or part-time) to see if you like the subject area. Other options include enrollment in a certification program offered by a professional association, or take individual courses, classes, and seminars in an adult community education program.

Randi Bussin, a Career Reinvention strategist, guides executives and business owners towards a renewed sense of direction, an actionable career reinvention and personal branding plan.


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