Career REinvention – Dream BIG!: the DISC Behavioral Profile

Career REinvention – Dream BIG!
By Randi Bussin
Looking for your dream job? Ready to try something new? Helpful tips and tools to move you from one career to another.

In my previous article I wrote about the relevance of self-assessment to thinking BIG and to mapping out a career reinvention strategy. Today, I would like to introduce an assessment that I use with all of my clients – the DISC Behavioral Profile. It measures your behavioral/communication styles, your strengths and weaknesses, the value you can bring to an organization and the ideal work environment for you.

The letters DISC characterize four distinct behavioral styles; each has its own strengths and weaknesses. D, I, S, and C will reveal two key attributes. First, whether you prefer to deal with tasks or people; and second, whether you are primarily extroverted and fast paced or introverted and slower paced. By knowing your style, you can use this information to assess job/industry preferences, ideal work environments, and improve communications.

An overview of each style is below:

  • D = Dominance (assertive, control) Task/Extroverted

    “I am what I achieve.”

    The high “D” style tends to be very active in dealing with problems and challenges in the workplace. People with a high “D” profile can be demanding, forceful, egocentric, strong-willed, and driving.

  • I = Influence (social, communication) People/Extroverted

    “I am what people see.”

    The “I” profile tends to influence others through talking and activity and tends to be emotional. They are described as being convincing, magnetic, political, enthusiastic, persuasive, warm, demonstrative, trusting, and optimistic.

  • S = Steadiness (patience, thoughtfulness) People/Introverted

    “I am what I contribute.”

    The “S” dimension likes a steady pace and security, and does not like sudden change and variety. They tend to be calm, relaxed, patient, possessive, predictable, deliberate, stable, consistent, and tend to be unemotional.

  • C = Compliance (caution, conscientious) Task/Introverted

    “I am what I perfect.”

    The “C” dimension adheres to rules, regulations, and structure. They like to do quality work and do it right the first time. High C people are careful, cautious, exacting, neat, systematic, diplomatic, and accurate.

Typically people are a combination of several styles, but most likely one style is dominant. When working with clients, I administer both the DISC assessment and the Reach 360 Personal Branding assessment. Interestingly enough, these results are highly correlated and usually a mirror image of one another. Think about it, if you are “wired” in a certain way and that is how you behave in a work setting, then most likely that is how you come across and how others perceive you.

Randi Bussin, a Career Reinvention strategist, guides executives and business owners towards a renewed sense of direction, an actionable career reinvention and personal branding plan.


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