April 2012 Reach Personal Branding Teleseminar

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3D Personal Branding: Your GPS for Executive Success

The world is experiencing an increasingly volatile marketplace forcing significant change for both employees and employers. What could possibly offer both executives and those they lead the sense of stability, empowerment, value-creation, and recognition in this environment?

Personal Branding.

Most executives and employers who are serious about building their careers, have accepted this truth but they may find themselves struggling with how to live the power of their personal brand. They need a relevant, actionable, fun and fast career success guide that teaches them how to live their brand.

Look no further…your troubles have been solved!

Ditch. Dare. Do! is the quick-start guide and deep-dive instruction manual every executive and employer needs to leverage the power of personal branding. Deliberately bold and brief, Ditch. Dare. Do! is a series of powerful stand-alone two-page vignettes that create a comprehensive roadmap for career success and fulfillment in the new and exciting world of work.

Usually William Arruda, founder of Reach Personal Branding, is the one asking all the tough questions. But this interview will be a bit different. The Reach Personal Branding Interview taking place Thursday, April 19, 2012 at noon EST, William will be the one answering the questions! He and Deb Dib, co-authors of Ditch. Dare. Do! will share with us some personal branding secrets from their soon to be released book: Ditch. Dare. Do! Personal Branding GPS for 3-D Executive Success.

In this interview, which will be recorded, you will learn:

  • How adopting a “Ditch. Dare. Do!” mindset drives 3-D executive success.
  • Why continuous mind-shifting is so necessary for career success today—and how 3-D branding can help.
  • Why “Ditches, Dares, and Dos!” are career propulsion for all executives—from innovation leaders to risk-averse traditionalists.
  • Strategies even the busiest executives can use to create and execute a 3-D brand plan as their personal GPS for executive success.
  • Why 3-D branding is good business for companies and teams.
  • How coaches can use these concepts to help their clients increase success.

BIO: Deb Dib

Deb DibDeb Dib, often called the career industry’s Resident Trend-spotter and Chief Innovation Officer, is an unabashedly ‘disruptive’ and passionate personal branding and career communications expert.

A Reach Certified Personal Branding Strategists since 2004, Deb pairs proven Reach methodology with her innovative ‘bold, brief, and branded’ career-comm to help colleagues and clients answer today’s mantra: ‘So what? Make me care! Do it fast!’

Deb is the co-author (with William Arruda) of Ditch. Dare. Do! 3D Branding for Executives, the first recipient of the Dick Bolles/Career Management Alliance Parachute Award, and winner of Career Directors International’s Career Innovation award (for co-authoring The Twitter Job Search Guide). She is the co-creator (with Susan Whitcomb) of The Academies’ Get Clear. Get Found. Get Hired! Coach program (The G3) and Why-Buy-ROI™ branding. She is the founder of C-Suite Career Catalysts, a consortium of top career pros focusing on C-level careers and issues.

Deb holds nine certifications and is featured in 30+ career books. Her advice has appeared in articles in The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Daily News, Newsday, Forbes.com, Money.com, and BusinessWeek.com among others.

BIO: William Arruda

William ArrudaDubbed the Personal Branding Guru by Entrepreneur magazine, William Arruda is the founder and President of Reach, the world’s leading personal branding consultancy with representatives in 30 countries. He is credited with turning the concept of personal branding into a global industry. One of the most sought-after speakers on career management and executive success, he has delivered hundreds of keynotes to audiences of five to five thousand throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa. His corporate clients include Adobe, BP, British Telecom, IBM, L’Oreal, JPMorgan, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley and Starwood Hotels.

His private clients include some of the world’s most influential leaders. As a thought-leader, William is a spokesperson on personal branding and social media. He has appeared on BBC TV, the Discovery Channel and Fox News Live and he has been featured in countless publications, including Forbes, Strategies (France), Time Magazine, Veja (Brazil), the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. William is the author of the bestselling book, Career Distinction, and the upcoming book, Ditch. Dare. Do! He has lived in Boston, London and Paris and now calls New York City home.


Ditch. Dare. Do! Website: www.ditchdaredo.com

1st and Largest Multimedia Personal Branding Resource on the Web: www.personalbranding.tv

Deb’s Website: www.executivepowerbrand.com

William’s Website: www.williamarruda.com

DOWNLOAD HANDOUT: http://360rea.ch/HVapor

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