April 2011 Reach Personal Branding Teleseminar

microphone1April 2011 Reach Personal Branding Teleseminar Details

Storytelling About Your Brand Online & Offline

Date: Thursday, April 14, 2011

In this interview with William Arruda, Bernadette Martin, Author of Storytelling About Your Brand Online & Offline and, Reach Personal Branding Strategists, Megan Fitzgerald and Sue Brettell address how to fuse personal branding with storytelling.

They also talked about how to communicate and craft compelling stories that message your key attributes, strengths, values and passions and create emotional ties with your target audience.

This month, instead of audio, we have a handout of their answers for the Reach Interview.

**The Reach Personal Branding Interview Series is sponsored this month by Jordan Friedman, The Stress Coach & Dotcalm Dots**

Storytelling About Your Brand Online & Offline

What is your online and offline story? Is it captivating? Does it message the “Brand Called You” to your target audience? Why is your LinkedIn Summary so important? Bernadette Martin, author of Storytelling about Your Brand Online & Offline and a Reach-certified Personal Branding Strategist, believes the answers to these questions are critical to strengthening your brand.

On April 14, 2011 at noon EDT, William Arruda, founder of Reach Personal Branding, will be interviewing Bernadette Martin, along with book contributors and Personal Branding Strategists Megan Fitzgerald, the Expat Career Coach, and Sue Brettell, Personal Branding Designer and Copywriter, about these questions and more. In this interview, which will be recorded, you will learn:

  • Why stories are so powerful in conveying your personal brand
  • How storytelling factors into the personal branding process
  • What is digital or 2.0 storytelling
  • What the differences are between a CV and a Bio
  • What the important elements are in a Bio or Story
  • Why internationalizing your Bio is important if you are seeking a career abroad
  • How design and visual branding mesh with storytelling
  • Tips to get your story in front of your target audience

Bernadette Martin

BIO: Bernadette Martin

Founder of Visibility Branding.com, Bernadette Martin fuses personal branding with storytelling to help executives, entrepreneurs, professionals, consultants, and students strengthen their brands online and offline.

After an MBA and a 15-year career with Fortune 500 brands in Asia, the U.S., and Europe, her transition to personal brands was natural. It meshed with her intuitive nature, entrepreneurial spirit, and desire to live in her favorite cities (Paris and Seattle). She works with clients worldwide and conducts webinars and training on career development, personal branding and storytelling.

Links to Bernadette Martin:

Visibility Branding links to book purchase, blog, services, and more.
For a 30-page companion workbook, contact bmartin at visibilitybranding dot com and let her know you purchased her book Storytelling about Your Brand Online and Offline.

You can follow Bernadette on Twitter here.

Megan Fitzgerald

BIO: Megan Fitzgerald

Megan Fitzgerald, Expat Career & Personal Branding Coach, helps expats worldwide to build careers and businesses using their personal brand. Named a top 50 personal branding consultant, she has been featured in Fortune, CNNMoney.com, WSJ Online and many expat and career publications.

Links to Megan Fitzgerald:

Megan blogs at Career By Choice Blog. You can email her at internationalizeyourbio at careerbychoice dot com to receive a tip sheet on how to “internationalize” your bio.

You can follow Megan on Twitter here.

Sue Brettell

BIO: Sue Brettell

Sue Brettell is the go-to creative passionista offering personal branding design and copy for visionary entrepreneurs and executives. Sue is versatile, tech-savvy, and innovative with exquisite attention to detail. She offers WordPress customization with a strong emphasis on SEO and user-centric design.

Links to Sue Brettell:

You can view Sue Brettell’s site here.

You can follow Sue on Twitter here.

Reach Interview Series Handout for April, 2011.

The April 2011 Reach Personal Branding Interview Series is sponsored by Jordan Friedman, The Stress Coach and Dotcalm Dots

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