And Now a Word from…: Why Copywriting Needs Your ‘Ultimate Quality Perception’

And Now a Word from…
By Riccardo Proetto

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Why Copywriting Needs Your ‘Ultimate Quality Perception’

IBM. McDonald’s. Wal-Mart. Each of these names conjures up a distinct set of images and feelings. This is no a coincidence. These companies spend a lot of money to influence how you think about their products and services. Companies not only want you to remember their particular brands, they want you to prefer them. As a copywriter, you play a significant role in that effort.

From your Unique Promise of Value to your Ultimate Quality Perception (UQP).

How exactly do we integrate our brand into sales letters, ads, e-mails, and other promotional copy? Your brand has a personality — a way of communicating that is distinctive. Have you ever noticed how Apple’s commercials always seem fun, creative, and playful? Apple’s brand personality focuses on the core theme that their products are easy to use. This is carried over into the copy for their commercials, websites, brochures, and advertising.

To use an example from the legal profession. One lawyer’s brand might be stern and serious. Your copy style and tone needs to be authoritative and decisive; consistent with the brand. The UQP of a different lawyer might be: “The divorce law specialist who guides individuals and families through tough times.” The brand perception here is more supportive and caring so your copy needs to have a caring tone.

Look at the promotional copy for products you know well. The words for a real estate agent might reflect speed and proficiency. An advertisement for a carpet cleaning company might focus on care, thoroughness, and modern equipment.

The advantage of a strong brand message is that it acts as a theme and a touchstone to guide you through the creation of promotional copy. It helps you stay on message. What’s special about you? How can you communicate it effectively in the copy to your target audience? How can you make sure your customers perceive your Unique Promise of Value? How can you exude your Ultimate Quality Perception?

Riccardo Proetto is one of the first Personal Branding Strategists in Italy. He uses his 15 years in the corporate world and his passion for branding to help global companies and executives give the best of themselves and inspire change.


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One Response to “And Now a Word from…: Why Copywriting Needs Your ‘Ultimate Quality Perception’”

  1. Very true – being able to articulate what you stand for and what you want your prospects and customers to associate you with is key for any brand and copywriting plays an important part in that.