And Now a Word from…: What’s Your Next Success?

And Now a Word from…
Malak Oussidhoum
/ Morocco
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What’s Your Next Success?

There comes a time where in a person’s lifelong leading position, the feeling of having “power” is such that the person would hardly stand the lack of it. This person has certainly reached personal success, be it through achieving career objectives, financial objectives, the company’s objectives, or a given state of fame and celebrity.

Successful people, sometimes without being conscious of it, need to feel they are continuously having an impact on a situation, a group of people, or over the empire they have built. Most of the time they are achievers – people with a high sense of conquest and challenge, who no matter their age or position, are continuously asking themselves “What’s my next success”?

Being in a senior executive position is really an issue in this sense because once the term of office is finished, the ‘fall’ or punch line is hard to stand.

Fortunately, some leaders throughout their careers eventually feel the need to take stock of their situation and answer this question: “Where has this success and leadership taken me so far”?

This kind of “leadership review” can arise from different situations:

  1. Some will look for authenticity when lost in a very demanding professional life.
  2. Some will feel they have developed new personal assets and talents without being aware of the true potential behind them.
  3. Some will feel the need to reveal a unique identity somewhere between their successful executive position and a passion that may appear disconnected.
  4. Some will look for new challenges but will not know the direction to take or the essence of their true leadership.

But one thing common to all of them is that they have strong personal brands – a personal brand that has conducted them towards success and leadership.

Does this mean they are all aware of the strength of their personal brand: what is it made of, what is the essence of their leadership and notoriety, what is that single thing that always keeps them on track for “their next success” ?

Successful professionals who seize the opportunity to discover and develop their personal brands give themselves the advantage of empowering their perspectives for more purposeful and sustainable leadership.

Their success, then, becomes intrinsic and transcendent!

Malak Oussidhoum is the pioneer Personal Branding Strategist in Morocco. She inspires and guides professionals for continued change and leadership by looking into personal significance and reinventing themselves beyond their success, to achieve an acknowledged legacy based on their social and intellectual heritage.


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