And Now a Word from…: The Invisible CEO Diaries: How Personal Branding empowers YOU to go from ‘Invisible to Invincible

And Now a Word from…
By Tanvi Bhatt

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The Invisible CEO Diaries: How Personal Branding empowers YOU to go from ‘Invisible to Invincible

I am sure you’ve heard this one: Are you married or are you happy? But I am also sure you haven’t heard this one: Are you the CEO or are you INVISIBLE? If you are the CEO then you just can’t be Invisible. Period.

You may be surprised to learn this, but INVISIBLE CEOs are as real as the organizations they so devotedly work for. I now invite you to break the age old habits of the typical ‘Stone-age’ CEO and transform yourself into the ‘Brand-age’ CEO that rocks in the age of Personal Branding.

Here are seven traits of the Stone-Age CEO which need to be buried six feet under, and replaced with the 7 new Commandments of the Brand-Age CEO:

The Stone-Age CEO The Brand-Age CEO
Use Google for everything BUT yourself Google yourself once a week
Strive to be the Ideal CEO Be your own Chief Branding Officer (CBO) first
Foster the company’s reputation Be the Guardian Angel of your Personal Brand Reputation
Know your employees better Know yourself better to grow yourself faster
Strategize for the numbers game Brand your Name & brand your Game
Do the same ol’ thing Step up & step out in the limelight
Be a legacy for the company Brand your own legacy for the world

Check out these 7 commandments in more detail ; and get ready to swear by these new commandments today.

Tanvi Bhatt is India’s leading Personal Brand Strategist and the first Reach Certified Personal Brand Strategist an the Indian Sub-Continent. Tanvi founded ‘Panache Studio’ which is India’s Premier Personal Branding Studio.


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