And Now a Word from…: Personal Branding and the Power of Personal Sovereignty

And Now a Word from…
Wendy L. Mantel
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Personal Branding and the Power of Personal Sovereignty

When was the last time you read, heard or saw something that really stuck with you? In May, 2012, I had such an experience. I was reading a bi-weekly copy of the e-newsletter, The Expert Series, published by the International Coach Federation.

In it, Janet M. Harvey–President of the International Coach Federation, Master Certified Coach, and President & Director of Training of inviteCHANGE—had published a viewpoint called “The Power of Personal Sovereignty.”

What is “personal sovereignty”? In Janet’s words:

At the core of artful coaching and living is personal sovereignty… [the freedom] to express my essence in any relationship, personal or professional. When we consider the definition of coaching, a thought-provoking and creative process that maximizes personal and professional potential, it becomes clear that coaching focuses on what is unknown, latent and often invisible to our clients.

What is your level of ease to engage in an exchange that is pure curiosity without regard for past content knowledge or wisdom from your experience? Personal sovereignty is the key to ease. The more you as coach will choose to embody your personal sovereignty, the greater permission and invitation for your clients to do the same.

In exploring the concept of personal sovereignty, Janet gets to the heart of what makes personal branding valuable—to strategists and clients alike. The message here is “to thine own self be true [Shakespeare].” Discover, communicate, benefit from and share the essence of who you are, and you empower others to do the same.

A simple thought, perhaps, but one that seems to get to the heart of the personal branding journey.

[Quoted and discussed with permission of Janet M. Harvey; personal correspondence]

As a certified professional coach, President of Mantel Coaching, Inc. and a Master Personal Brand and Career Strategist, Wendy L. Mantel provides insight, inspiration and ingenuity that helps others profit from their passions.


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One Response to “And Now a Word from…: Personal Branding and the Power of Personal Sovereignty”

  1. Jeff Rock says:

    Hi Wendy, A thought can be simple and profound at the same time. I’m glad you referenced the personal branding journey, because it is a journey. You grow, and your brand grows with you. Good stuff! -Jeff