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Bob Faw
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Best DNA can energize your personal brand

Sometimes a bad situation can be an opportunity to make positive change. In 2008 I was very successful, flying all over the world doing change-consulting work. In 2009, I saw my business cut to shreds. For a couple of days I froze up. Then I realized I could use the Positive Change Questions I taught others to get myself out of this jam. Not only did discovering my Best DNA help me build my business again, It also helped me to change from my reactive approach of “following the money”, to a proactive and happier one of “following my bliss” … and getting paid well to do it. Knowing my best DNA also really helped me focus on what to do to make the most positive difference, with less time wasted on dead-end paths.

Simply put the Positive Change Questions are: “Goal? What works? What else?” These questions help create great ideas, build positive momentum, and avoid the self-sabotage that can come following fear or failure. Using these questions I was able to discover what I now call my “Best DNA”.

The answer to the “Goal” question was that I wanted a career in which I continue to be even more successful, and even to be more fulfilled. I figured if I was making a big goal might as well make it really big.

The answer to the “What works” question is where my best DNA came to light. In short, the two strands of Best DNA are Core Identity and Strengths. Core identity is one’s core purpose and core principles. My core purpose is transformation. What I love most in life is transforming myself and helping others transform their lives. My core principles are Learn, Grow, and Have fun. (See Best DNA Guide for more examples of Core Purpose and Principles, etc.)

Strengths are those native talents that you have. When you do them you feel alive, powerful, engrossed, and passionate! As I looked back over my career I made a list of my strengths: facilitating groups, energizing people toward common goals, good natured humor, strategic perspective, bringing brain science into organizational and personal development. There were a variety of others, but these are the important ones.

We look at our core identity and strengths through the lens of Value. What are people willing to pay money for? I discovered my value proposition in two ways. One was by looking back at my best successes. I analyzed which clients of mine had had the best results, which had hired me back the most often, in which I enjoyed working for the most. I discovered that the strengths I listed above were in play every one of these events. I realize that I was living my core purpose and principles with those clients. I also noticed that I had a stronger personal relationship with my best clients; I did not see those jobs as transactions. The other way is that my business partner interviewed many of these best clients to find out what they valued about me. I took what overlapped from my list and the client’s list to see the most important components of what they Valued.

I realize that my best DNA is being a “Positive Change Consultant”. The transformation journeys I guide are as positive as the destinations they lead to. I lead them in ways where all involved learn, grow and have fun. I’m generally very successful with those who like this style. Those who want a more structured and complex process go to someone else because my branding conveys so strongly what I do.

The more I have lived into my best DNA the more I find that my work is fulfilling. I find that I have greater conviction, persistence and motivation. I have the energy to go way above and beyond because I love what I do.

For more information on see this video of my interview by Peter Sterlacci.

Bob Faw is the ‘Chief Ignition Officer’ at Matchbox Group where he ignites, involves, and inspires positive change through strategic planning, energizing change management, leadership development, conflict management, people skills training and team building.


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