Where branding gets personal™

Reach is focused on helping individuals and organizations build and nurture strong brands. Founded in 2001 by William Arruda, Reach is the global leader in personal branding. We provide talent development services to companies and organizations, personal branding certification for coaches, HR executives and consultants and personal branding products and services for individuals. Our goal is to help professionals be their best by unearthing what makes them exceptional and integrating it into everything they do.

In the words of our founder, “What makes you unique, makes you successful.”

What Sets Reach Apart?
When William Arruda founded Reach, there were only four other organizations providing personal branding services. As those organizations faded away, Reach continued to develop personal branding products and set the standard for personal branding services.

Now that personal branding is such a hot career management topic, there are thousands of individuals and organizations touting the power of personal branding and providing various personal branding services. At Reach, we’ve spent the last decade building and refining a powerful personal branding process. Here’s what sets the Reach methodology apart. It:

  • is based on corporate branding philosophy with a major focus on authenticity, differentiation and relevance
  • has been proven with hundreds of thousands of executives, professionals and entrepreneurs around the world
  • is being used by over 500 Reach-certified Personal Branding Strategists and 360Reach Analysts in 23 countries
  • incorporates an innovative and powerful personal branding assessment, 360Reach, that has been used by nearly a million people
  • has been featured in print, online and broadcast media, including Time, Forbes, Fox News Live, BBC, Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, New York Times and Entrepreneur
  • takes into account both real- and virtual world personal branding and communications activities
  • has been incorporated into talent development programs at companies like Microsoft, J&J, JPMorgan, American Express, Starwood Hotels, IBM, Cisco, British Telecom, P&G, Ogilvy and Morgan Stanley.